I Penghuni Tegar I

Monday, April 18

hi semua!!! pukul 4.11 am <-- tgh syok jiran² ak dbuai mimpi ak plak bsengkang mata mhadap THT aka take home test utk subject 'compensation'. huhu. sempat lg ak bbloging ni. kn??? kihkihkih. biasa la wehh, otak jammed sb cri jwpan dlm buku teks xjmp so take 5 dulu ~wink.  


ni antara soalan² y mmerlukan ak mcari jawapan y sememangnya tdpt dlm buku teks tetapi belum ad dlm kepala otak ak ni lg. kihkihkih. maap ye en helmi y comel sy belum stdy lg subject ni (mcm la subject lain ak da stdy. hukhukhuk) 

Question 1
The are a number of factors that affecting  employer preference in determining desirable components of  benefit package. Discuss. (18 mark)

Question 2
How can you determine the factors that account for organization success and fairness in compensation system of different countries. (16 mark)

Question 3
As a manager of a large company you were asked by the top management to give advice on controlling labor costs. How can your employer control labor cost? (15 mark)

Question 4
Discuss four (4) strategies that can be use for better understanding and measuring job performance.     (12 mark)

Question 5
What purposes do the objectives in the pay model serve? What are the four (4) policy issues in the pay model serve? (8 mark)

alamak next 2 week da start final exam tp ak belum stdy ap² lg nihhh...adushhh!!!!!!!!! korang pray for me oke!!! ad lg satu lg THT iaitu subject "Strategic Management". soalan² dia pon boleh tahan. agak mcabar minda. tghari nti bru dpt buat SM....huhuhu


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